Since its founding in 2000, Trisept Solutions® has been the industry’s leading developer of cutting-edge, award-winning technology for travel merchandising and distribution solutions. First to master the concept of dynamic travel packaging in the electronic world, Trisept continues to serve airlines, hotel companies, resorts, tour operators, travel agencies, tourist bureaus, airline alliances, theme parks and other suppliers with its family of technology products. With 20 years of innovation, end-to-end traveler engagement and billions of transactions processed each year; this is the world's most sophisticated travel technology provider.


Trisept delivers its technology solutions through two key products:

Travel Merchant Solutions: Synapse enables travel sellers to synchronize omni-channel distribution, supplier connectivity, customer service and back-office functions on one secure and seamless platform. 

Travel Agent Solutions: VAX VacationAccess is the award-winning leisure travel marketplace that brings together 70,000 travel agents with 50+ leisure-focused travel suppliers. Over $1 billion in bookings are made annually on VAX, making it the premier platform for leisure travel agents to expertly research, market and sell vacations to their clients. 


travAlliance Travvy Awards

2016 - 2019 Best Travel Technology Provider, & Best Travel Agent Reservation System - VAX Vacation Access